Wednesday, June 25, 2008


A typical week this season should consists to two harder days (workouts), 2 longer days, and then depending on race day, a pre and post race day (recovery, etc.)

An example week would be:

Monday - Distance
Tuesday - Workout
Wednesday - Recovery
Thursday - Pre-Meet
Friday - Race
Saturday - Distance
Sunday - OFF

As for the summer, try to get in 1-2 workout days a week and run 5-6 days a week. The base you establish this summer will reflect as soon as the season starts on August 21st. The better your base this summer, the better you will be in season. That simple.

Depending on your level a typical day should consist of a 2-6 mile run.

Vary your workouts. Get creative. Do fartleks/intervals, tempos/solid pace for certain time, etc:
~telephone poles: 2-rest2-3-rest3-4-rest4-5-rest5-4-rest4-3-rest3-2-rest2
~4 to 6 X 400
~4 to 6 X 800

**Please do not forget to do a proper stretch, warm-up & cooldown. These are essential to staying healthy and injury free.

Please post any questions or ideas about workouts that you have done or are questioning.


Carolynn said...

Ahh it looks like I picked the right year to graduate... Just kidding, this year's xc is going to be crazy, best of luck to everyone with their summer & workouts! :D

It looks like a lot of meets will be on Friday afternoons, so I'll probably be able to make it back from school for some of them. I'd love to watch this team grow, get some freshmen in on it. :)

Swiddy said...

just so you know..the posted schedule is actually last year's