Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Katie Bradley& Joey Annand are the TVL CHAMPIONS & Earn "Outstanding Athlete of the Meet" Awards; Boys Team Places 3rd Overall, Girls 6th

Norton's Outstanding Athletes of the Meet - Katie  Bradley & Joey Annand with Austin Carroll who placed 7th Overall!
At the 2016 Tri-Valley League Cross Country Championship at McCarthy Park in Medfield, Junior Katie Bradley and Senior Captain Joey Annand both won the varsity championship races by 3 seconds over the #1 runners from Westwood.  On the boys side, it was a 3-way race between Westwood's Conant and Dover-Sherborn's Phelan by mile 1.  By mile 2, Joey had taken the lead and continued to push the pace for the remainder of the race, with both Conant and Phelan in tow.  With only 1 second separating 1st-3rd, Norton's Joey Annand dropped the hammer with 400 meters to go and took home the victory. 

Senior Captain Joey Annand Sprints to Victory and the Title of TVL Champion at the finish!
The girls varsity race unfolded in similar fashion with Westwood's Ashley Walker leading for most of the way with her teammate Conant and Katie Bradley in tow.  With a great deal of grit and patience, with about 200 meters to go in the race, Katie Bradley surged and was able to take home the win and title of TVL Champion as a junior! Both Katie and Joey were able to be honored with the "Outstanding Runner of the Meet" Awards. 

Junior Katie Bradley Sprints to Victory and the Title of TVL Champion at the finish!
Both the girls and boys had respectable finishes.  The boys placed 3rd overall, while the girls placed 6th overall out of ten TVL teams. The team scores were as follows: 
           BOYS Team Scores                                 

   1 Westwood                     32              
      Total Time:  1:27:10.23                                                    
         Average:    17:26.05                                                    
   2 Dover-Sherborn               99            
      Total Time:  1:30:51.25                                                    
         Average:    18:10.25                                                    
   3 Norton HS                   104              
      Total Time:  1:30:37.93                                                    
         Average:    18:07.59                                                    
   4 Bellingham HS               105             
      Total Time:  1:31:45.96                                                    
         Average:    18:21.20                                                    
   5 Medfield                    112           
      Total Time:  1:32:03.96                                                    
         Average:    18:24.80                                                    
   6 Hopkinton HS                116             
      Total Time:  1:31:59.31                                                    
         Average:    18:23.87                                                    
   7 Holliston HS                187           
      Total Time:  1:35:31.20                                                    
         Average:    19:06.24                                                    
   8 Medway                      224             
      Total Time:  1:41:39.04                                                    
         Average:    20:19.81                                                    
   9 Ashland HS                  225                
      Total Time:  1:40:35.60                                                    
         Average:    20:07.12
   10 Millis     

          GIRLS Team Scores     
   1 Westwood                     37                
      Total Time:  1:40:49.67                                                    
         Average:    20:09.94                                                    
   2 Hopkinton HS                 47            
      Total Time:  1:42:33.66                                                    
         Average:    20:30.74                                                    
   3 Dover-Sherborn               92             
      Total Time:  1:46:33.14                                                    
         Average:    21:18.63                                                    
   4 Medfield                    101             
      Total Time:  1:47:25.33                                                    
         Average:    21:29.07                                                    
   5 Holliston HS                103           
      Total Time:  1:47:35.70                                                    
         Average:    21:31.14                                                    
   6 Norton HS                   159           
      Total Time:  1:52:43.34                                                    
         Average:    22:32.67                                                    
   7 Medway                      206         
      Total Time:  1:55:15.54                                                    
         Average:    23:03.11                                                    
   8 Millis HS                   215                 
      Total Time:  1:57:37.54                                                    
         Average:    23:31.51                                                    
   9 Ashland HS                  232            
      Total Time:  1:58:16.85                                                    
         Average:    23:39.37
   10 Bellingham    

The full NORTON results are as follows: 

Varsity 5K GIRLS:
1.) Katie Bradley - 19:30 **TVL CHAMPION!
21.) Kambrynn Bowman - 21:37
32.) Sarah Anderson - 22:27
54.) Hannah Delea - 24:30 
55.) Calie Shea - 24:38 
58.) Renee Sanford - 24:50
60.) Kaylee Annand - 25:01 

Varsity 5K BOYS:
1.) Joey Annand - 16:41 **TVL CHAMPION!
7.) Austin Carroll - 17:37 
25.) Thomas LeClaire - 18:29
32.) DJ Nihill - 18:47
39.) Francis Cronin - 19:01 
44.) James Wilson - 19:14
51.) Zach Steele - 20:05 

Sophomore Austin Carroll Earns a 7th Place Ribbon!
52.) Abbey O’Brien - 25:42 
84.) Kirsten Loring - 28:11
90.) Angela Connors - 28:46
91.) Catherine Whittington - 28:46

43.) Ethan Tetrault - 20:51
47.) Ryan Lafrancois - 21:02
53.) Alex Wisnaskas - 21:08
66.) Chris Tatarczuk - 22:02
67.) Ryan Wheeler - 22:04
68.) Evan Garrone - 22:06
77.) Matt Anderson - 22:23
79.) Matt Pepin - 22:28
85.) Sean Smith - 22:44
115.) Nick Denham - 24:08
121.) John Morrison - 24:28
136.) Andrei Nguyen - 25:41

For full results visit this site:

The Lancers head back to the Wrentham Developmental Center for the  MSTCA Frank Mooney Coaches Meet next Saturday (11/5) starting at 9:30 AM!

Monday, October 17, 2016

TWILIGHT Meet the HIGHLIGHT of the Season So Far, 22 Athletes Attain Personal Records!

What an amazing afternoon and evening at the MSTCA Twilight Meet at the Barnstable Fairgrounds on the Cape on Saturday! 22 out of 28 Norton athletes who ran attained personal records on the season, many of them lifetime PR's!

The meet course is covered in fans, sometimes 3-4 deep at times, under the lights with large numbers of athletes: combined a recipe for a personal best.  The following are the results & pictures (thank you Mr. Denham!) from each race: 

9th Grade Girls 2.1 miles
123) Kaylee Annand - 15:40 *PR

Freshman Kaylee Annand 
9th Grade Boys 2.1 miles
112) Ethan Tetrault - 13:07 *PR

Freshman Ethan Tetrault
10th Grade Girls 5K
99) Hanna Delea - 23:37 *PR
154) Kirsten Loring - 26:03 *PR
173) Catherine Whittington - 27:40 *PR
185) Angela Connors - 28:43 

Sophomore Girls Hannah Delea, Kirsten Loring, Catherin Whittington, & Angela Connors
10th Grade Boys 5K
11) Austin Carroll - 17:03 **MEDAL *PR
80) DJ Nihill - 18:34 
92) James Wilson - 18:44 *PR
137) Zach Steele - 19:37 
171) Ryan Lafrancois - 20:34 *PR
209) Matt Anderson - 21:46 *PR
243) Nick Denham - 23:24 *PR
250) John Morrison - 24:44 

Sophomores Austin Carroll, DJ Nihill, James Wilson, Zach Steele, Ryan Lafrancois, Matt Anderson, Nick Denham, & John Morrison 
Austin Carroll Grabs a Medal and Places 11th Overall!
Division 2 J.V. Girls 5K 
39) Calie Shea - 23:08 *PR
80) Abbey O’Brien - 24:36 *PR

Abbey O'Brien & Calie Shea 
Division 2 J.V. Boys 5K
104) Chris Tatarczuk - 20:20 *PR
108) Alex Wisnaskas - 20:26 *PR
127) Sean Smith - 20:55 *PR
138) Ryan Wheeler - 21:16 *PR
139) Evan Garrone - 21:17 *PR

Alex Wisnaskas, Sean Smith, & Evan Garrone
Ryan Wheeler and Evan Garrone
Girls Varsity Division 2 5K
13) Katie Bradley - 19:00 **MEDAL *PR
87) Kambrynn Bowman - 21:11 *PR
105) Sarah Anderson - 21:45 
206) Renee Sanford - 24:00 

Katie Bradley Places 13th Overall and Gets a Medal! 
Kambrynn Bowman 
Sarah Anderson
Renee Sanford 
Boys Varsity Division 2 5K

9) Joey Annand - 16:12 **MEDAL *PR
92) Thomas LeClaire - 17:55 *PR
149) Francis Cronin - 18:43 *PR

Joey Annand Places 9th Overall and Takes Home Some Hardware! 
Thomas LeClaire
Francis Cronin
The Lancers will head to McCarthy Park in  Medfield on Wednesday, October 26th at 3:00 for the TRI-VALLEY LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP Meet!  

Friday, October 14, 2016

Seniors SHINE on Senior Day in Norton; Both Teams Beat Millis as Katie Bradley and Joey Annand (Undefeated) Get Another Win On Season!

On a beautiful day in Norton for SENIOR DAY, both Lancer teams were able to pull out the victory against Millis. The girls won 24-32 and the boys won 15-50.

Both Katie Bradley and Joey Annand continued their winning ways as they both won their respective races. Joey Annand cemented is undefeated regular season as one of the senior captains.

On the boys side, the top five scoring athletes were seniors!  The order went as follows:
1.) Joey Annand
2.) Thomas LeClaire
3.) Francis Cronin
4.) Chris Tatarczuk
5.) Evan Garrone

Three more boys were able to get a varsity letter on the day as well including Evan Garrone, Alex Wisnaskas, & Ryan Wheeler.

On the Lady Lancer side, the senior girls ran a great race behind winner Katie Bradley. The order went as follows:
1.) Katie Bradley
2.) Kambrynn Bowman
3.) Sarah Anderson
4.) Renee Sanford
5.) Calie Shea

Following the meet, were celebrated the seniors last time running at home on the Norton campus. Many parents attended and the seniors were collectively and individually recognized.  We would like to thank all the parents for coming and cheering on your athletes and participating in the Senior Day ceremony! Many thanks to our resident photographer Mr. Denham for the GREAT photos!
The Anderson Family 
The Annand Family 
The Bowman Family 
The Cronin Family
The Garrone Family 
The LeClaire Family
The Sanford Family
The Tatarczuks 
Norton next competes at the HIGHLIGHT meet of the season: the TWILIGHT Invitational this Saturday!  The bus will leave Norton High at 1:30 in the afternoon!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Joey Annand Breaks Course Record at Westwood; Both Boys and Girls Lose To Very Tough Westwood Teams.

Congrats to Senior Captain Joey Annand who stays undefeated in the regular season after 5 meets and breaks the Westwood course record! Joey and Zach Conant (WW) battled for over 3 miles.  It was an impressive feat for Joey to tie his season pace-per-mile PR after running his 3rd 5K in 7 days!
Joey Annnd Leads the Race at the Start, Eventually Breaks Course Record! 
Both teams suffered a tough loss at Westwood against two very deep Westwood teams.  Both the girls and boys were coming off of their 2nd race in 5 days heading into Westwood.  Many of the Norton runners were feeling it going in.  It is a tough part of the schedule, however, the Westwood teams asserted their dominance on Wednesday.  The Westwood boys were undefeated, while the WW girls are one of the top teams in the conference.

The boys lost 39-22. Rounding out varsity for the boys was Austin Carroll, DJ Nihill, Thomas LeClaire, Joey Cronin, James Wilson, and Zach Steele.

The girls team, donned in their pink jerseys for breast cancer awareness finished with a 39-20 score.  Varsity order included Katie Bradley, Kambrynn Bowman, Sarah Anderson, Renee Sanford, Hannah Delea, Calie Shea, & Abbey O'Brien.
The girls wearing their Breast Cancer Awareness Singlets 
PR's on the day included: Abbey O'Brien for the girls and Andre Nguyen for the boys.  
Andre gets a PR at Westwood! 
PR's at the MSTCA Frank Kelley Invite this past Sunday included: Kaylee Annand, Katie Bradley, Kirsten Loring, Matt Anderson, Zach Steele, Ethan Tetrault, and Alex Wisnaskas.  Congrats to Katie and Kambrynn for medaling! 

Norton will conclude the regular season at home this coming Thursday against MILLIS on SENIOR DAY