Thursday, September 26, 2013

Norton Boys "Fierce 5" Win a Thriller in the Dover-Sherborn Hills 25-30 by Taking Places 3rd-7th Overall!! Boys Stay Undefeated at 6-0!

Congrats to the Norton boys cross country team who are finding every way to win!  The boys took 3rd-7th and all placed within 8 seconds of each other to defeat the DS Raiders on their very tough and hilly course.  The boys stay undefeated and move to 6-0 on the season with 4 meets left.
The Start of the Boys Race
Mike Tierney Sprints to the finish - with part of the FIERCE 5 in tow
The girls team lost 46-17 with Anya DiLorenzo only 12 seconds off the leader and placing 4th overall and breaking up DS's chance at a perfect score.  The Lady Raiders are undefeated on the season and are poised to take down the TVL title.

Norton's Corina Jurczyk places 2nd for Norton
Caroline Weber approaches the finish!
Norton Placements:
4th Overall- Anya DiLorenzo
9th Overall - Corina Jurczyk
14th Overall - Caroline Weber
15th Overall - Sarah Anderson
19th Overall - Karoline Weber

BOYS:         "THE FIERCE 5" (coined by Denise Sanford!!)
3rd Overall - Billy Sullivan
4th Overall - Mike Tierney
5th Overall - Eric Sanford
6th Overall - Max Marcotte
7th Overall - Chris Wrenn 

Norton will stay home next Wednesday as the Westwood Wolverines come to town for a duel at 3:30!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Boys Stay Undefeated and Move to 5-0 by Beating the Ashland Clockers; Girls WIN over Ashland 28-28 (Sixth Place Finisher Rule)

        Norton Boys won yet again at 21-49, bringing their season record to 5-0! Sullivan, Marcotte, and Tierney led the way with Norton finishers taking spots 1 through 6. Five of the Norton boys got PR's for the day, great job guys! They face Dover Sherbon on Thursday, 9/26.

       The GIRLS finished the race against Ashland in what was presumably a tie at 28-28. However, according to a rule in the NFHS handbook, the win is awarded to the team with the best sixth-place finisher, so the Norton girls got the win moving to 3-2!
      Anya DiLorenzo took 2nd place overall and first for the NHS girls, with Corina Jurczyk taking 4th, and Melanie Morris came in 6th for Norton breaking the tie!
 Anya DiLorenzo is Norton's first finisher
Race Start
Karoline....a vampire?
Boys team cruises to victory taking places 1-6

Varsity Placement BOYS:
Billy Sullivan-1st Overall- 5:58
Max Marcotte- 2nd Overall- 5:58
Mike Tierney- 3rd Overall- 5:59
Eric Sanford- 4th Overall- 5:59
Chris Wrenn- 5th Overall- 6:00
Joey Annad- 6th Overall- 6:03

Varstiy Placements GIRLS:
Anya Dilorenzo- 2nd Overall- 6:35
Corina Jurczyk- 4th Overall- 6:53
Caroline Weber- 6th Overall- 7:30
Sarah Anderson- 7th Overall- 7:33
Karoline Weber- 9th Overall- 7:51
Melanie Morris- 10th Overall- 8:23

Friday, September 20, 2013

Norton Boys XC Takes Another Win While Girls Fall to West Bridgewater

        The Norton boys had a great win today against non-league West Bridgewater Wildcats. Falling short of first, Norton took places 2 through 8 bringing the score to 20-43. Senior captains Billy Sullivan, Max Marcotte, and junior Mike Tierney led the NHS boys with Eric Sanford and Chris Wrenn close behind. They remain undefeated at 4-0.

        Norton girls took a loss for the day but put up a fight. Sophomore Anya DiLorenzo and Senior captain Corina (Crine) Jurczyck kept up a strong pace against the lead West Bridgewater runner, and claimed the second and third places for Norton. NHS girls now stand at 2-2 with a TVL meet against Ashland on Monday, with a great opportunity to bring their season record to 3-2.

Varsity 5 Placements Boys:
Billy Sullivan- 5:32
Max Marcotte- 5:34
Mike Tierney- 5:42
Eric Sanford- 5:47
Chris Wrenn- 5:51

Varsity 5 Placements Girls:
Anya DiLorenzo- 6:48
Corina Jurczyk- 6:57
Sarah Anderson- 7:27
Caroline Weber- 7:42
Karoline Weber- 8:02

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Norton Girls & Boys Cross Country Make History by Beating the Medfield Warriors at Home!! Girls Win 27-30 and Boys Win 27-29!

Congrats to the NORTON BOYS & GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY team who made TVL history again today and beat the Medfield Warriors for the first time ever in cross country!! The boys will move to 3-0 on the season and stay undefeated while the girls improve to 2-1.  

Both meets were barnburners in that they both were very close!  The girls won 27-30 and the boys win 27-29.   The girls were lead by Anya DiLorenzo who placed first overall with a huge PR pace of 6:38 pace!

The boys were lead by senior captain Billy Sullivan, Senior Captain Max Marcotte, and Mike Tierney who placed 3rd, 4th, and 5th respectively.

Almost the entire team got personal record paces today.  You should all feel so proud and the hard work you are putting in is paying off.  

Corina and Anya working together.
Tony Chen and Chris Alves finishing strong.
Freshman Karoline Weber snagged a huge PR! 
Varsity 5 Placements for Girls:

Anya DiLorenzo - 1st Overall - 6:38 pace
Corina Jurczyk - 3rd Overall - 6:53 pace
Caroline Weber - 5th Overall - 7:20 pace
Sarah Anderson - 6th Overall - 7:20 pace 

Karoline Weber - 19th Overall - 8:07 pace
Varsity 6 Placements for Boys:

Billy Sullivan - 3rd Overall - 5:21 pace
Max Marcotte - 4th Overall - 5:26 pace
Mike Tierney - 5th Overall -5:28 pace
Eric Sanford - 7th Overall - 5:31 pace

Chris Wrenn - 8th Overall - 5:34 pace 
Joey Annand - 10th Overall - 5:59 pace 

Both teams will take on non-league West Bridgewater High School this Friday at home!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Norton XC Annual Car Wash at McDonalds a SUCCESS!!

Thank you to all those people who came out this past Saturday for the Norton Cross Country Car Wash!  We really appreciate your support!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Norton Boys Cross Country MAKE HISTORY by Beating Hopkinton for the First Time Ever in the TVL 20-35!!

Congrats to the NORTON BOYS CROSS COUNTRY team who made TVL history and beat Hopkinton for the first time!! The boys will move to 2-0 on the season.  They won convincingly with by a score of 20-35.  

The boys were lead by senior captain Max Marcotte and his boys followed him taking 3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th overall! 
I am VERY well done boys-what an incredible feat and you should feel EXTREMELY proud of yourselves and a very smart race!

The girls lost unfortunately lost to one of the top ranked cross country teams in the state 44-17.  
Leading the way for the Norton girls and placing 5th overall was Anya DiLorenzo.
Varsity 5 Placements for Girls:
Anya DiLorenzo - 5th Overall
Corina Jurczyk - 6th Overall
Caroline Weber - 13th Overall 
Sarah Anderson - 14th Overall 
Melanie Morris - 28th Overall 
Varsity 5 Placements for Boys:  
Max Marcotte - 2nd Overall 
Mike Tierney - 3rd Overall
Eric Sanford - 4th Overall 
Billy Sullivan - 5th Overall 
Chris Wrenn - 6th Overall

Both teams will take on Medfield at 3:30 next Wednesday (September 18th) in Norton. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Both Norton Girls & Boys Beat Bellingham in Home Opener! Girls win 23-32 and Boys Win 18-41!

Congrats to both teams on their opening day victories! 

The girls won 23-32 and the boys won 18-41! Both teams move to 1-0 on the season!

Leading the way for the Norton girls and placing second was Corina Jurczyk and for the boys taking the first place position overall was Billy Sullivan!  

Almost all of you improved from your time trials last week so a big congrats to you for that!

Varsity Placements for Girls: 
Corina Jurczyk - 2nd Overall 
Anya DiLorenzo - 3rd Overall 
Caroline Weber - 4th Overall 
Sarah Anderson - 5th Overall 
Laura Carlson - 9th Overall 
Varsity Placements for Boys: 
Billy Sullivan - 1st Overall 
Mike Tierney - 2nd Overall 
Max Marcotte - 3rd Overall
Eric Sanford - 4th Overall 
Chris Wrenn - 7th Overall 
Mike Travers - 8th Overall 
Parker Cleathero - 11th Overall 

Both teams will take on the Hopkinton Hillers at 3:30 next Wednesday (September 11th) at Hopkinton State Park.