Saturday, October 25, 2008

The BIG THREE Shine @ The TVL Championships!!

Andrew Swiderski placed 3rd overall at the TVL championships with an overall "smokin" per mile personal record of 5:29 and a time of 17:02 in the 5K. Gil O'Neil placed 5th overall with a new personal record in the 5K (17:27), which is a 5:37 pace. Cameron Parker placed 11th overall with a 17:54 (5:45 pace). Their hopes are set on being TVL all stars. Congrats boys!

Many of the Lancers also got PR's (personal records in the 5k!) Congrats to Tim Lewis on his overall personal record per mile time as well. Norton placed 5th overall at the TVL meet. The loss of Emerson Almeida (injury) pushed the Lancers behind some teams. The Lancers placed 4th overall in the regular season. Holliston and Hopkinton tied for first (thanks to Norton beating the #1 team Holliston). Medfield came in 3rd. Norton placed fourth overall in the league ahead of Dover-Sherborn, Westwood, Bellingham, and Ashland.

Congrats to a great season athletes!

Norton moves into the postseason starting next weekend as they attend the Wrentham Invitational on Saturday, November 1st.

Following that, the Lancers will represent Norton at the Division 4 Championships @ Franklin Park on Novemeber 8th.

If qualified, individuals from Norton will complete in the ALL-STATE competition on November 15th at Franklin Park.

Results from TVL Meet:


3. Swiderski, Andrew Norton 17:03.52 (5:29 pace)

5. O'Neil, Gil Norton 17:27.15 (5:37 pace)

11. Parker, Cam Norton 17:54.47 (5:45 pace)

49. Sugar, Dan Norton 21:57.59 (7:04 pace)

51. Sargent, Ben Norton 22:20.52 (7:11 pace)

52. Gillis, Mike Norton 23:00.86 (7:25 pace)


36. Audra, Schlehuber Norton 24:35.79 (7:55 pace)


44. Lewis, Tim Norton 22:10.42

50. Costa, Mike Norton 22:24.45


36. Mello, Holly Norton 26:36.80

48. Ledbetter, Annie Norton 27:46.42

52. Bessette, Kayla Norton 28:21.93


19. McCready, Chris Norton 15:41.72

23. Remick, Matt Norton 16:28.62

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Norton Gets 8/14 Personal Records in Close Loss to Hopkinton

Eight runners out of fourteen gained personal records versus Hopkinton today. The Norton boys placed 2nd, 3rd, and 4th overall in yet another close matchup with Hopkinton (27-32). Andrew Swiderski covered the course in 14:56 (5:31 pace) for 2nd, Gil O'Neil gained a big personal record for 3rd place overall in 14:58 (5:32 pace) for 3rd, and Cam Parker got 4th place overall with a time of 15:09 (5:36 pace). Audra Schlehuber had a personal record on the ladies side with a time of 20:54 (7:44 pace).

Boys Score 32-27.

Norton Top Finishers:
2nd Place: Andrew Swiderski
3rd Place: Cam Parker
4th Place: Gil O' Neil -PR
20th Place: Dan Sugar -PR
21st Place: Mike Gillis -PR

Other Finishers:
24th Place: Ben Sargent-PR
30th Place: Mike Costa -PR
31st Place: Tim Lewis
37th Place: Chris McCready -PR
39th Place: Matt Remick -PR

Girls Lose 50-15

Top Norton Finishers:
10th Place: Audra Schlehuber - PR
15th Place: Holly Mello
16th Place: Anne Ledbetter
17th Place: Kayla Bessette

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Boys go 1-2-3-4 Against Ashland and 1-2-3 against Bellingham in Double Win!

The Norton Boys Cross Country Team defeated Ashland and Bellingham with a sweep today (10/7/08) going 1-2-3-4 against Ashland and 1-2-3 against Bellingham.
Andrew Swiderski, who has only been beat once on the season, placed first overall (5:34 pace). Cameron Parker placed 2nd with a personal record (5:35 pace), and Gil O'Neil placed 3rd overall with a PR as well (5:36 pace).

Emerson Almeida placed 4th overall for the Lancers with yet another personal record on the day (6:15 pace).

Congrats to the boys on 2 great wins bringing their record to 5-2!

Also congrats to the NINE athletes out of FIFTEEN on this team who got personal records on the day! Your effort has paid off!

Boys Score VS. ASHLAND 17-42.

Norton Top Finishers:
1st Place: Andrew Swiderski
2nd Place: Cam Parker - PR
3rd Place: Gil O' Neil - PR
4th Place: Emerson Almeida -PR
7th Place: Dan Sugar - PR

Other Finishers:
9th Place: Ben Sargent - PR
10th Place: Mike Gillis
13rd Place: Tim Lewis
14th Place: Mike Costa
16th Place: Chris McCready - PR
18th Place: Matt Remick - PR

Boys Score VS. BELLINGHAM 25-32.

Norton Top Finishers:
1st Place: Andrew Swiderski
2nd Place: Cam Parker - PR
3rd Place: Gil O' Neil - PR
7th Place: Emerson Almeida - PR
12th Place: Dan Sugar - PR

Other Finishers:
13th Place: Ben Sargent - PR
14th Place: Mike Gillis
16rd Place: Tim Lewis
17th Place: Mike Costa
18th Place: Chris McCready - PR
19th Place: Matt Remick - PR

Girls Score vs Bellingham and Ashland: 50-15.

Top Norton Finishers vs. Bellingham:
2nd Place: Audra Schlehuber
5th Place: Holly Mello
6th Place: Kayla Bessette - PR
7th Place: Anne Ledbetter - PR

Top Norton Finishers vs. Ashland:
1st Place: Audra Schlehuber
5th Place: Holly Mello
6th Place: Kayla Bessette - PR
7th Place: Anne Ledbetter - PR

Eighth Annual Sportsmanship Essay Contest

Re: Eighth Annual Sportsmanship Essay Contest

As an important leader in interscholastic athletics, we would like to request your support and assistance by promoting a valuable MIAA Student Services initiative among the student-athletes on your team(s). The Eighth Annual MIAA Sportsmanship Essay/Multimedia Contest is currently being conducted for students in grades 9 through 12. We would like to hear from the thousands of student-athletes across the state and invite them to share their ideas on this year's theme:

"The Role of the Fan in Promoting Sportsmanship”

Your help in eliciting participation by distributing this contest flyer (
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The top three entries, as selected by the MIAA Sportsmanship Committee, will be awarded prizes of $500, $300 and $200 respectively. These contest winners will also be honored at Gillette Stadium on November 21 as part of the 15th Annual MIAA Sportsmanship Summit. In addition, an anthology of finalist and honorable mention entries will be published in Volume VIII of "Sportsmanship: A Game Plan for Life."

All entries for this contest must be received by Friday, October 17 at the following address:

MIAA Student Sportsmanship Essay/Multimedia Contest
33 Forge Parkway
Franklin, MA 02038

Schools will be notified of winning entries in November. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the MIAA Student Services Department at 508-541-7997.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Norton Wins Another Close One vs. Dover Sherborn

The Norton boys cross country team defeated Dover-Sherborn in dynamic fashion today. Dover-Sherborn brought 22 boys to compete against Norton's 8. Andrew Swiderski covered the 2.7 mile course in 14:53 for a new PR and course record for 1st place overall. Close behind were Cam Parker (3rd place) with a time of 15:09 and Gil O'Neil (4th place) with a time of 15:32. The unsung hero of the day was Emerson Almeida posting a huge personal record and great 8th place finish (17:11) to win the meet 28-29. Congratulations boys on a fantastic race and having 5/8 boys get personal records! Congrats to Kayla and Annie on their personal records!

Boys Score 28-29.

Norton Top Finishers:

1st Place: Andrew Swiderski - PR!!
3rd Place: Cam Parker - PR!!
4th Place: Gil O' Neil
8th Place: Emerson Almeida - HUGE PR!!
18th Place: Dan Sugar

Other Finishers:
19th Place: Mike Gillis - PR!!
21st Place: Tim Lewis - PR!!
24th Place: Ben Sargent
32nd Place: Matt Remick - PR!!

Girls Score: 15-50.

Top Norton Finishers:
8th Place: Audra Schlehuber
13th Place: Kayla Bessette - PR!!
16th Place: Anne Ledbetter -PR!!