Thursday, July 23, 2009

Welcome to Norton XC 09!!

Welcome to Norton XC 09 all!

Our first day of practice will be SATURDAY August 29th @ 9:00 a.m.

Be sure you have your permission forms, medical forms, and physicals done before the first day of practice!

Gear Needed: running shoes & running watch - Timex Ironman watches are great b/c they have lap counters (pretty simple right?)

2009 Fall XC Captains:
Girls - Kayla Bessette & Annie Ledbetter
Boys - Tim Johansmeyer & Mike Gillis

Summer Workouts:

I would like if you do not do more than 1 speed workout per week this summer...if that even. (When I say speed workout I mean interval or fast days). I want you all coming in with fresh legs. What I would like is you running 4-5 times a week doing distance - anywhere between 2-6 miles a day depending on your fitness level. I will know the people who have trained over the summer and the people who have not on the first day. For the sake of the team, be sure you are running this summer! Below is a sample week:

Sunday - Rest Day / OFF
Monday- Distance (3-6 miles)*
Tuesday- Recovery (2-5 miles)* & Lift
Wednesday- Tempo workout:
(telephone poles, fartleks, track workout (200's or 400's), tempo run, etc.)
Thursday- Recovery (2-5 miles)
Friday- Rest Day / OFF
Saturday- Distance (3-6 miles) & Lift

*Miles will vary pending your fitness level. Athletes who have been on the team should know the weekly mileage they should be at.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at the end of August happy, healthy, and IN SHAPE!! Have a great summer!

~Coach Taylor~