Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Holliston Defeats Norton on Wednesday.....

Sophomore Tyler Anderson leads the way for the Lancers, also gains another season PR!
Norton was defeated by Holliston soundly on Wednesday. The girls score was 47-16 and the boys score was 50-15. Tyler, Cam and Brittany all attained great PR's on the season. Tyler Anderson finished first for Norton for the first time this year. Rounding out the top 5 for Norton on each team were (Holliston's 2.85 mile course):
Tyler Anderson - 18:10
Dan Sugar - 18:42
Tim Johansmeyer - 19:02
Mike Gillis - 19:28
Caleb Tripp - 19:43
Erica Callahan- 21:16
Brittany Alioto- 22:22
Allison Alioto- 23:49
Katie D'nofrio - 22:53
Meghan Brown - 25:54

Norton's next meet will be Wednesday the 30th away against Medway High School.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Norton Defeats Southeastern at Home!

Griffin Harlow leads the way for the Lancers.
The Lancers defeated Southeastern at home the past Friday. It is the Lancer's first win of the season. The girls won 15-50 and the boys won 24-35. The three top boys (Griff, Tyler, and Dan) had to dig deep to take the win at a very late stage in the race. Erica Callahan took the race from the start and got herself a personal record as well at 1st place overall.
Rounding out the top 5 for Norton on each team were (Norton's 2.7 mile course):
2) Griff Harlow- 17:16
3) Tyler Anderson - 17:16
4) Dan Sugar - 17:33
7) Tim Johansmeyer - 17:59
8) Caleb Tripp - 18:49
1) Erica Callahan- 19:55
3) Brittany Alioto- 21:52
4) Allison Alioto- 22:30
5) Katie D'nofrio - 22:37
6) Meghan Brown - 23:25
Norton's next meet will be Wednesday the 23rd away against Holliston High School.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Medfield Runs Over Norton

Running the 2.7 mile course hare home in Norton, the Warriors put a very strong performance together and were able to defeat the Norton Lancers. On both the girls and boys side, they defeated the Lancers 15-50.
Fortunately, the 19 of the 20 Norton runners ran a season PR in only the 4th timed race of the season.

Rounding out the top 5 for Norton on each team were:

12) Griff Harlow- 17:13
13) Dan Sugar- 17:14
14) Tyler Anderson- 17:23
20) Caleb Tripp- 18:11
21) Mike Gillis- 18:12

8) Erica Callahan- 20:07
20) Brittany Alioto- 21:37
25) Allison Alioto- 22:17
26) Meghan Brown- 22:18
27) Katie D'Onofrio- 22:24

Norton's next meet will be this Friday at home against South Eastern Regional High School.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hop-Town Beats Norton in TVL Season Opener

Callahan is new to cross country but is quickly learning what it takes to be on top.

At Hopkinton State Park, the Hillers easily cruised passed the Norton Lancers this past Wednesday on the 3.0 mile course. They defeated the Lancers 15-50 on the boys side and 15-48 on the girls side.
Notables on the team were that 18 out of the 20 runners for Norton got season PR's in their 3rd timed race of the season.
Rounding out the top 5 for Norton on each team were:

6th) Erica Callahan
13th) Brittany Alioto
14th) Meghan Brown
15th) Katie D'Onfrio
17th) Allison Alioto
12th) Dan Sugar
15th) Tyler Anderson
20th) Mike "Mikey G" Gillis
23rd) Griff Harlow
24th) Caleb Tripp
The Lancers next contest will be against Medfield on Wednesday, Sept. 16th @ home.