Saturday, November 14, 2009


1.) The Cross Country team should be at Roche Bros. from 9-1 Sunday, November 15th for the CAN DRIVE!

2.) The end of the season Cross Country Banquet is directly after the sports banquet this Thursday, November 19th, from 7-9.

Division 4 State Meet Results

Down runners from injury and sickness, the Lancers still represented Norton with pride in the pouring rain on Saturday. Below are individual and team results:

31. 812 NORTON BOYS ( 21:18 1:46:29)===========================================
1 110 Tim Johansmeyer 20:10 – 6:30 pace
2 160 Caleb Tripp 21:08 – 6:49 pace
3 163 Dan Sugar 21:13 - 6:50 pace
4 172 Cameron Eisnor 21:25 – 6:54 pace
5 207 Mike Gillis 22:33 – 7:15 pace
6 (210) Christian Delano 22:44 – 7:20 pace

Norton Places 31st out of 42

32. 873 NORTON GIRLS ( 27:48 2:18:59)===========================================
1 131 Erica Callahan 25:53 – 8:20 pace
2 160 Brittany Alioto 27:03 – 8:43 pace
3 171 Katie D'Onfrio 27:20 – 8:49 pace
4 202 Annie Ledbetter 29:06 – 9:23 pace
5 209 Caitlin Hansen 29:37 – 9:33 pace

Norton Places 32nd out of 36

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Callahan and Brittany Alioto medal at Wrentham Invite: Norton Gets 5 PR's!

The Wrentham Invitiation was Saturday (Novemeber 7th). It was a gorgeous day for racing and the Norton Lancers got a taste of what a real cross country course is as well as what it's like to run with hundreds of runners (per race) from around the state.

Erica Callahan and Brittany Alioto medaled, while 5 other Norton runners got PR's!

Personal Records:
Christian Delano (by 12 seconds per mile)
Tim Johansmeyer (by 13 seconds per mile)
Chris McCready (by 8 seconds per mile)
Caleb Tripp (by 5 seconds per mile)
Annie Ledbetter (by 8 seconds per mile)

Congrats to these runners!

The Lancers final meet of the season will be the Division 4 State Meet at Franklin Park this coming Saturday at 11:00!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

TVL Championships "A WASH" (in terms rankings change)

The TVL championships were a wash this Wednesday as all of the teams placed in the same spots they did in the individual season. The meet went 3 hours and it was pouring rain for each race! The following was taken from the Thursday edition of the Attleboro Sun Chronicle:

CROSS COUNTRY: Lancers middle of the pack in TVL
MEDFIELD - In weather more conducive to rowing than running, the Norton High cross country squads participated in the Tri-Valley League Championship Meet on Wednesday at McCarthy Park.The Lancer girls finished sixth out of the nine teams, with Erica Callahan placing 33rd overall with a time of 25:23 over the 3.1-mile course. The Norton boys were seventh overall, with Tim Johansmeyer leading the way, placing 34th overall with a time of 20:41. Medfield won both divisions.

Tri-Valley League Championship Meetat McCarthy Park, Medfield Course: 3.1 mi.

BoysTeam results: 1-Medfield 29, 2-Hopkinton 61, 3-Hollison 72, 4-Bellingham 124, 5-Westwood 134, 6-Dover-Sherborn 158, 7-Norton 208, 8-Medway 213, 9-Ashland 234.

Norton placements: 34-Tim Johansmeyer 20:41, 39-Caleb Tripp 21:18, 42-Dan Sugar 21:30, 46-Cam Eisnor 22:10, 47-Mike Gillis 22:29, 52-Christian Delano 22:51, 53-Chris McCready 22:53.

GirlsTeam results: 1-Medfield 43, 2-Hopkinton 66, 3-Westwood 72, 4-Dover-Sherborn 75, 5-Holliston 97, 6-Norton 198, 7-Ashland 208, 8-Medway 241, 9-Bellingham 248.

Norton placements: 33-Erica Callahan 25:23, 39-Brittany Alioto 26:26, 40-Katie D'Onfrio 26:43, 41-Meghan Brown 27:03, 45-Annie Ledbetter 27:42, 49-Caitlin Hansen 30:10.

The Lancers will next participate in the MSTCA Invitational on Nov. 7 in Wrentham.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Norton XC Gets THREE Wins in Last Duel Meet of the Season!

The Nortons girls team ran for TWO wins today against Bellingham and Ashland, while the boys team ran to one win against Ashland (and a loss to Bellingham). The girls beat Bellingham 18-43 and Ashland 23-33. The boys defeated Ashland 25-30 in a very close race. The boys were beaten by Bellingham 40-19.

Erica Callahan placed 2nd overall and first for Norton with a new personal record. Following Callahan and rounding out the top 5 were Brittany Alioto, Meg Brown, Katie D'Nofrio, and Allison Alioto. Tim Johansmeyer brought it home for the Lancers with a big personal record on the day. Following Tim and rounding out the top five for the Lancers were Caleb Tripp, Dan Sugar, Mike Gillis, and Cam Eisnor.

6 personal records were acheived on the day by: Mike Costa, Cameron Eisnor, Tim Johansmeyer, Nick Skotny, Meg Brown, and Erica Callahan.
The next meet will be the TVL championship next Wednesday, October 28th, at McCarthy Field in Medfield.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Norton XC Car Wash a BIG SUCCESS!

Thank you to the Norton Cross Country & Track and Field Boosters for all of your work at the car wash fundraiser! It was a big success for the team!

DS Beats Norton (3 of Norton's Top Runner's Out from Injuries) but Norton stills gets 11 PR's!!

Captain and 1st for Norton, Tim Johansmeyer

Dover-Sherborn defeated Norton 17-46 on the girls side and 18-40 on the boys side. Norton has three of it's top runners out in this race between Griff Harlow, Tyler Anderson, and Allison Alioto. A positive on the day was that more than half the team attained PERSONAL RECORDS over the hilly 2.9 mile course. Captain Tim Johansmeyer placed first for the boys and standout Erica Callahan placed first for the girls.
PR's on the day were:
Tim Johansmeyer
Caleb Tripp
Mike Gillis
Erica Callahan
Cait Hansen
Evan DaSilva
Christian DeLano
Cam Eisnor
Mike Gillis
Mike Rocha
Nick Skotny
Norton's final regular season meet will be a tri-meet against Bellingham and Ashland next Wednesday, October 21st at home at 3:30.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Westwood Rolls Over Norton....

Westwood defeated Norton today in quick fashion with a 15-50 win on the boy side and a 15-45 win on the girls. The top finisher for Norton was Erica Callahan and the top for the boys was rookie Tyler Anderson.

Norton's next meet will be away against Dover-Sherborn next Wednesday, October 14th.

Monday, October 5, 2009


This Saturday at the McDonalds in Norton (in front of Roche Brothers) there will be a car wash from 10:00 a.m. -2:00 p.m. Please come out and support the Norton XC Team and Track and Field Teams courtest of the NHS XC & Track Boosters!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

NHS XC Takes Down Medway on Both Sides!!

Norton defeated Medway this Wednesday 24-35 on the girls side, and 20-39 on the boys side. Brittany, Meghan, Katie, Annie, Tim and Caleb all attained great PR's on the season. Griff Harlow returned and finished first for Norton in second place overall, while Erica Callahan returned with her dominating ways and placed first for Norton and second overall. Medway's course was a scenic 2.7 mile jaunt. CONGRATS ON YOUR WIN ALL! Results are below:

Place Team Name Time
1 M Pozsgai 15:59
2 N Harlow 17:28
3 N Anderson 17:29
4 N Johansmeyer 17:30
5 N Tripp 17:34
6 N Sugar 17:36
7 M Rice 17:54
8 M McGlynn 17:55
9 N Gillis 19:04
10 N McCready 19:12
11 N Eisnor 19:13
12 N DeLano 19:33
13 M Champny 19:35
14 M Borgatti 19:36
15 N Rafuse 20:04
16 M Renault 20:31
17 N Skotny 20:53
18 N Rocha 21:02
19 N DaSilva 21:39
20 M McDonald 22:05
21 M Bottone 22:47


NORTON – 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 – 20
MEDWAY – 1, 7, 8, 11, 12 – 39

Place Team Name Time
1 M Horava 19:32
2 N Callahan 20:04
3 M Hamond 20:38
4 N B. Alioto 20:54
5 N Brown 21:46
6 N D’nofrio 21:56
7 N A. Alioto 22:16
8 N Ledbetter 22:51
9 M Lewis 23:12
10 N Gay 24:14
11 M Dzialio 25:37
12 M McNamara 27:25

Norton's next meet will be Wednesday October 7th at home against Westwood High School.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Holliston Defeats Norton on Wednesday.....

Sophomore Tyler Anderson leads the way for the Lancers, also gains another season PR!
Norton was defeated by Holliston soundly on Wednesday. The girls score was 47-16 and the boys score was 50-15. Tyler, Cam and Brittany all attained great PR's on the season. Tyler Anderson finished first for Norton for the first time this year. Rounding out the top 5 for Norton on each team were (Holliston's 2.85 mile course):
Tyler Anderson - 18:10
Dan Sugar - 18:42
Tim Johansmeyer - 19:02
Mike Gillis - 19:28
Caleb Tripp - 19:43
Erica Callahan- 21:16
Brittany Alioto- 22:22
Allison Alioto- 23:49
Katie D'nofrio - 22:53
Meghan Brown - 25:54

Norton's next meet will be Wednesday the 30th away against Medway High School.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Norton Defeats Southeastern at Home!

Griffin Harlow leads the way for the Lancers.
The Lancers defeated Southeastern at home the past Friday. It is the Lancer's first win of the season. The girls won 15-50 and the boys won 24-35. The three top boys (Griff, Tyler, and Dan) had to dig deep to take the win at a very late stage in the race. Erica Callahan took the race from the start and got herself a personal record as well at 1st place overall.
Rounding out the top 5 for Norton on each team were (Norton's 2.7 mile course):
2) Griff Harlow- 17:16
3) Tyler Anderson - 17:16
4) Dan Sugar - 17:33
7) Tim Johansmeyer - 17:59
8) Caleb Tripp - 18:49
1) Erica Callahan- 19:55
3) Brittany Alioto- 21:52
4) Allison Alioto- 22:30
5) Katie D'nofrio - 22:37
6) Meghan Brown - 23:25
Norton's next meet will be Wednesday the 23rd away against Holliston High School.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Medfield Runs Over Norton

Running the 2.7 mile course hare home in Norton, the Warriors put a very strong performance together and were able to defeat the Norton Lancers. On both the girls and boys side, they defeated the Lancers 15-50.
Fortunately, the 19 of the 20 Norton runners ran a season PR in only the 4th timed race of the season.

Rounding out the top 5 for Norton on each team were:

12) Griff Harlow- 17:13
13) Dan Sugar- 17:14
14) Tyler Anderson- 17:23
20) Caleb Tripp- 18:11
21) Mike Gillis- 18:12

8) Erica Callahan- 20:07
20) Brittany Alioto- 21:37
25) Allison Alioto- 22:17
26) Meghan Brown- 22:18
27) Katie D'Onofrio- 22:24

Norton's next meet will be this Friday at home against South Eastern Regional High School.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hop-Town Beats Norton in TVL Season Opener

Callahan is new to cross country but is quickly learning what it takes to be on top.

At Hopkinton State Park, the Hillers easily cruised passed the Norton Lancers this past Wednesday on the 3.0 mile course. They defeated the Lancers 15-50 on the boys side and 15-48 on the girls side.
Notables on the team were that 18 out of the 20 runners for Norton got season PR's in their 3rd timed race of the season.
Rounding out the top 5 for Norton on each team were:

6th) Erica Callahan
13th) Brittany Alioto
14th) Meghan Brown
15th) Katie D'Onfrio
17th) Allison Alioto
12th) Dan Sugar
15th) Tyler Anderson
20th) Mike "Mikey G" Gillis
23rd) Griff Harlow
24th) Caleb Tripp
The Lancers next contest will be against Medfield on Wednesday, Sept. 16th @ home.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Welcome to Norton XC 09!!

Welcome to Norton XC 09 all!

Our first day of practice will be SATURDAY August 29th @ 9:00 a.m.

Be sure you have your permission forms, medical forms, and physicals done before the first day of practice!

Gear Needed: running shoes & running watch - Timex Ironman watches are great b/c they have lap counters (pretty simple right?)

2009 Fall XC Captains:
Girls - Kayla Bessette & Annie Ledbetter
Boys - Tim Johansmeyer & Mike Gillis

Summer Workouts:

I would like if you do not do more than 1 speed workout per week this summer...if that even. (When I say speed workout I mean interval or fast days). I want you all coming in with fresh legs. What I would like is you running 4-5 times a week doing distance - anywhere between 2-6 miles a day depending on your fitness level. I will know the people who have trained over the summer and the people who have not on the first day. For the sake of the team, be sure you are running this summer! Below is a sample week:

Sunday - Rest Day / OFF
Monday- Distance (3-6 miles)*
Tuesday- Recovery (2-5 miles)* & Lift
Wednesday- Tempo workout:
(telephone poles, fartleks, track workout (200's or 400's), tempo run, etc.)
Thursday- Recovery (2-5 miles)
Friday- Rest Day / OFF
Saturday- Distance (3-6 miles) & Lift

*Miles will vary pending your fitness level. Athletes who have been on the team should know the weekly mileage they should be at.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at the end of August happy, healthy, and IN SHAPE!! Have a great summer!

~Coach Taylor~