Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Joey Annand Stays Undefeated on the Season; Katie Bradley Wins Versus Hopkinton, Both Teams Suffer a Loss

Captain Joey Annand Leads From the Gun to the Finish
Congrats to Joey Annand who stayed undefeated on the season taking first place against Hopkinton at home today.  
Junior Katie Bradley Takes the Girls Race

Katie Bradley also won her race today 11 seconds over second place Hopkinton runner Isabella Giordano.  
The girls lost 43-20 today, while the boys unfortunately had to take a disqualification forfeit.  

We all make mistakes, and I can tell you confidently, that I will learn from this one.  The following is a letter I sent to the league coaches in regards to today's meet: 

"I took both Hop girls and boys on a tour of the course today, per usual.  I explained the first two loops on the track and gravel, then jogged and explained the outer two loops of the course.  When I brought the teams back into the track area, I have no explanation for what happened next.  I told them they were to do the gravel the opposite way and then come back into the track and do the last 200 meters on the track.  Maybe when I was talking so much I just got into the groove I used to with a stream of consciousness and I just explained the OLD COURSE that we had for years.  I do not know why.  It was a mistake.  I think I explained the old course so many times for years and years that that file in my brain just opened and out it went.   

On paper, it looks like the Norton boys 27-29, based on how they finished.  However, the Hopkinton #1 runner (#2 overall behind Joey) had to get back onto the track after about 30 meters and still placed where he probably would have (in other words, Joey had him beat, and Austin was not going to catch him today).  Then I was able to get to the end of baseball field, and with the help of the two Hop boys coaches, get the rest of the HOP runners right onto the track for the final 200 meter finish so none of them went the wrong way (they do NOT do the gravel again like we used to as I had told them in the course preview when I had that lapse in memory).  

I could not, in good conscience, try to fight for the win.  If I was the opposing coach, I would have been upset.  Both their boys coaches handled the situation with incredible grace and class (Thank you so much for that Jenn).  I always tell my students to walk around in someone else's shoes (Atticus Finch - TKAM).  If I was their coach, I would want the coach who made the mistake to make it right.  I did the best I could to make it right by apologizing to their team and coaches, self-imposing a disqualification, which disqualifies the team from the win.  This will move the Norton boys to 2-1 on the season.  

I apologize again to all of the Hopkinton staff again for my mistake.  I have never made a mistake of this caliber in 25 seasons of coaching XC, Indoor Track, or Outdoor Track (don't get me wrong...I have made mistakes...just not one like this where I cost us a win/loss).  All I can do is promise to try to be better in the future and not make this mistake again.  

I am so sorry. 

Now I just have to find a way to make this right to my team." 

Knowing how hard these athletes train and work to get to the point they are, I cannot be sorry enough to my athletes for taking this win away from them.  As I said to the league, I will work to be better and do everything I can for this team to achieve the success it has worked so hard for and deserves.  

Norton XC stays home again next week to take on the MEDFIELD WARRIORS at 3:45. 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Cronin Takes the Critical Fifth Spot for the Boys as They Win a Barnburner 27-28 Over a Tough Dover-Sherborn Team Away!

Senior Joey Cronin Secures the Victory for the Lancers Taking 10th Overall & 5th for Norton
The boys traveled 45 minutes north to the hills of Dover-Sherborn to take on a very tough and large DS team.  Joey Annand lead the race from the start and crossed the line in first.  Austin Carroll placed 3rd overall, while Thomas LeClaire and DJ Nihill stayed close to each other placing 6th and 7th and the lynchpin for the meet was getting senior Francis Cronin back from injury to place 5th for the Lancers and 10th overall.  He changed the entire meet as 5 DS athletes came in right behind him! Rounding out the varsity 7 for the boys was Zach Steele and Ryan LaFrancois.
Senior Captains Kambrynn Bowman & Sarah Anderson 
The girls fought a tough battle with a massive Dover-Sherborn girls team 5 times the size of them and put up a good fight.  The girls lost 34-25.  Katie Bradley and Kambrynn Bowman placed 2nd and 3rd while Sarah Anderson placed 6th. Renee Sanford placed 4th for the Lancers, while newcomer Hannah Deleah placed 5th.  Rounding out the varsity 7 was Kaylee Annand and Catherine Whittington.

Norton will next compete against a tough Hopkinton team in their home opener next Wednesday, September 21st at 3:30!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Norton Boys Go 1-2-3 in Season Opener in Holliston for the Win; Bradley & Annand Take Top Spots!

Full Team Shot Post-Race
A big congrats to the Norton boys team who pulled off a great win away at Holliston today 24-32!

The boys team was down by 8 after mile 2 and with some tactical moves by sophomores Austin Carroll to move himself securely into second and DJ Nihill into 7th the score was closer as the race came to an end.  However, it was not until veteran Senior Captain and Thomas "Mr. Clutch" LeClaire passed 3 Holliston runners in the last 1/4 mile of the race (2 in the final sprint to the finish) to secure the victory for the Lancer harriers. Senior Captain Joey Annand won the race outright and was unchallenged.  The boys move to 1-0 on the season.
Senior Captain Joey Annand Takes the Win 
Sophomore Austin Carroll Secures Second 
The girls battled today and came up a little short to deep Holliston team.  Junior TVL star Katie Bradley won the race with senior captain Kambrynn Bowman coming in third overall.  Rounding out the top five for the Lancers was Sarah Anderson, Renee Sanford, & Abbey O'Brien. The girls lost 32-24.
Lancer Harrier Katie Bradley Takes Top Honor
Time to go home!
Norton will next compete AWAY next Wednesday at Dover-Sherborn High School at 3:30. 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Joey Annand and Chris Wrenn Shatter School Records; Bradley, DiLorenzo, & Nichols Get PR's at MIAA All-States!

Both Joey Annand and Chris Wrenn medaled at the MIAA All-State Meet today and in doing so SHATTERED the old 5K school record held by Chris Wrenn. The old 5K record was 16:22.  Joey Annand ran a 16:11 today and Chris Wrenn ran a 16:12 to beat the old record by 11 and 10 seconds!

Overall, there were 183 of the best athletes in the state in divisions 4, 5, & 6 at the All-State Meet.  In the best race of his life, Joey Annand placed 11th overall for a medal and ran a 16:11 (5:12 pace). Captain Chris Wrenn placed 14th overall for a medal and ran a 16:14 (5:13 pace).

Joey Annand, Katie Bradley, & Chris Wrenn - Annand & Wrenn Break School Record & Bradley PR's!
The first girls team to make All-States in history at NHS did a great job representing the team.  Katie Bradley, Anya DiLorenzo, & Megan Nichols all achieved personal records.  The girls placed 15th overall as a team.  Team placements included:

26th- Katie Bradley - 19:14 (6:11)
75th- Kambrynn Bowman - 20:07 (6:28)
81st- Anya DiLorenzo - 20:10 (6:29)
143rd- Caroline Weber - 21:10 (6:48)
164th- Meg Nichols - 22:21 (7:11)
172nd- Calie Shea - 22:54 (7:22)
175th- Renee Sanford - 23:41 (7:37)

The Girls Varsity Team & Coach Bradley 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Norton Girls Cross Country Team Makes All-States for the First Time in History!!; Wrenn and Annand Qualify as Well!

What an amazing day for Norton girls cross country!  With a highest team finish in history, the girls placed 3rd overall, which qualifies the full girls team for All-States for the first time in school history!  Norton girls XC best finish before this year was last year in 12th,which they did last year. Before that, was 20th in 2013!   I am so proud of you girls for fighting like warriors out there in the conditions to pull off an incredible finish.
The boys team placed a very respectable 6th. Chris Wrenn and Joey Annand both qualified for the All-State Meet for the second straight year.  Congrats to both  of you boys.

Norton Individual Results:
5.) Katie Bradley - 19:43**Medal Winner
16.) Kambrynn Bowman - 20:16
24.) Anya DiLorenzo - 20:32
37.) Caroline Weber - 21:05
58.) Sarah Anderson - 21:54
111.) Calie Shea - 23:25
115.) Megan Nichols - 23:33

9.) Chris Wrenn - 17:01**Medal Winner
13.) Joey Annand - 17:12**Medal Winner
40.) Austin Carroll - 18:09
56.) Thomas LeClaire - 18:31
66.) Parker Cleathero - 18:42
130.) Chris Alves - 19:46
139.) Alex Domagalski - 20:04
Norton's Medal Winners!
1 Old Rochester - 64                                                                   
2 Hamilton-Wenham - 77                                                    
3 Norton - 140                                                    
4 Weston - 144                                 
5 Triton - 170                                                    
6 Norwell -183                                                   
8 Newburyport -204                                                     
9 Pentucket - 267                                                    
10 Medway - 289             

1 Hamilton-Wenham - 49                                                     
2 Newburyport - 81                                                      
3 Norwell - 93                                                     
4 Pentucket - 107                                                   
5 Weston - 149                                                     
6 Norton - 184                                                  
7 North Reading - 222                                                     
8 Bedford - 237  
9 Old Rochester - 290
10 Triton - 296  

Norton next brings the full girls team and Chris Wrenn and Joey Annand to Stanley Park in Westfield for the MIAA ALL-STATE MEET!  The girls will run at 11:00am, while the boys run at 12:20pm.  

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Another Great Day at the MSTCA Frank Mooney COACHES XC INVITATIONAL! Norton Takes Home More Hardware!

Last Time as a Full Team This Season
Norton Hardware
Norton XC Medalists 

DIV 2 JR/SR Girls Race-5K
Kambrynn Bowman - 18th - 20:56**Medalist
Caroline Weber - 21st - 21:05**Medalist 
Anya DiLorenzo - 27th - 21:17**Medalist 
Sarah Anderson - 68th - 22:26
Renee Sanford -122nd - 24:02
Rachel Wheeler - 157th - 25:16
Caroline Peers - 164th - 25:39
Karoline Weber - 26:23

DIV 2 JR/SR Boys Race-5K
Chris Wrenn - 3rd - 16:38**Plaque Winner
Joey Annand - 17th - 17:24**Medalist 
Parker Cleathero - 68th - 18:34
Thomas LeClaire - 86th - 18:50
Alex Domagalski - 149th - 19:43
Chris Alves - 151st - 19:52
Ryan Gill -160th - 20:08
Francis Cronin -166th - 20:20
Nick Joyce -180th - 23:35
Chris Tatarczuk -194th - 21:04
Evan Garrone -217th - 21:41

DIV 2 SOPH Girls Race-5K
Katie Bradley - 5th - 20:07**Medalist 
Calie Shea - 32nd - 22:46**Medalist 
Megan Nichols - 43rd - 23:19**Medalist 
Abbey O’Brien - 65th - 24:33

DIV 2 SOPH Boys Race-5K
Alex Wisnaskas  - 104th - 21:42
Ryan Wheeler - 23:19 - 7:30

DIV 2 Frosh Girls Race-3K
Lauren Burrill - 86th - 14:54
Angela Connors - 123rd - 16:05
Annie Wrenn -126th - 16:04

DIV 2 Frosh Boys Race-3K
Austin Carroll - 5th - 10:37**Medalist
DJ Nihill - 26th - 11:24**Medalist
Ryan LaFrancois - 66th - 12:01
James Wilson - 70th - 12:07
Matt Anderson - 123rd - 13:01
Zach Steele - 131st - 13:10
Eric Sullivan - 147th - 13:19
John Morrison - 164th - 13:56

Norton will next bring its top 7 runners to the MIAA DIVISION 5 STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS next Saturday at 12:00 noon!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tri-Valley League Awards Announced!

Congrats to the Norton girls and boys teams on all of their accolades.  The teams have the most all-stars Norton has ever had!

Tri-Valley League MVP: Chris Wrenn

Tri-Valley League 1st Team All-Stars: Katie Bradley & Joey Annand

Tri-Valley League 2nd Team All-Stars: Kambrynn Bowman & Austin Carroll & Parker Cleathero

Tri-Valley League Honorable Mentions: Anya DiLorenzo & Thomas LeClaire

Tri-Valley League SPORTSMANSHIP Award: Norton Boys (2nd)

Tri-Valley League Coach of the Year: Kent Taylor - Norton Boys

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Norton Boys Win TVL Title for 2nd Time in 3 Years; Girls Have Highest Placement Ever at Conference Championships!

A huge congratulations to the Norton boys cross country team who won the Tri-Valley League Conference meet and solidified their spot atop the conference.  The boys went undefeated in the regular season and capped off an incredible conference season with a very close victory over the Westwood Wolverines and the Hopkinton Hillers.  This was the first time the Norton boys have ever won the Conference MEET, even though this is their second title in three years.  Two years ago the conference was decided by the duel meet record, and last year it was changed to having the league championship to decide the conference winner.  The boys win was the closest win by any team on the boys side in at least 10 years. They only won by 4 points and fought off a very tough and young Westwood team and a formidable Hopkinton team, who both scored 65 points.  The team scores are as follows: 

                                   Team Scores                                    
Rank Team                      Total    1    2    3    4    5   *6   *7   *8   *9 
   1 Norton                       61    1    4   13   14   29   52   55           
      Total Time:  1:30:26.90                                                     
         Average:    18:05.38                                                     
   2 Westwood                     65    5   10   12   17   21   23   27           
      Total Time:  1:31:09.00                                                     
         Average:    18:13.80                                                     
   3 Hopkinton                    65    7    8   11   15   24   32   35           
      Total Time:  1:31:14.11                                                     
         Average:    18:14.82                                                     
   4 Dover Sherborn               73    2    3    9   28   31   37   51           
      Total Time:  1:30:31.50                                                     
         Average:    18:06.30                                                     
   5 Medfield                    131   16   18   25   33   39   40   43           
      Total Time:  1:34:23.00                                                     
         Average:    18:52.60                                                     
   6 Holliston HS                170   19   30   38   41   42   48   50           
      Total Time:  1:35:45.70                                                     
         Average:    19:09.14                                                     
   7 Bellingham HS               173   22   26   34   44   47   49   54           
      Total Time:  1:35:52.20                                                     
         Average:    19:10.44                                                     
   8 Medway                      210    6   36   53   57   58   60   61           
      Total Time:  1:39:50.80                                                     
         Average:    19:58.16                                                     
   9 Ashland HS                  226   20   45   46   56   59   62   63           
      Total Time:  1:40:33.30                                                     
         Average:    20:06.66  
  10 Millis HS - NP 

Senior Captain Chris Wrenn was the winner of the race and was named the "RUNNER OF 
THE MEET" and received a trophy for his efforts.  Joey Annand placed 4th overall in a very 
tight pack at the front with two other DS athletes.  Freshman Austin Carroll and Senior 
Captain Parker Cleathero finished right next to each other in the 13th and 14th places.  
Finally, the unsung hero of this meet was Junior Thomas LeClaire, who sprinted past 8 runners in the last 200 meters to place 29th overall. This made all the difference in the scoring at the end.  Thomas showed a great deal of heart during that finish! Senior Captain Chris Alves and Alex Domagalski also ran for varsity. 

Start of the Boys Race 
Thomas LeClaire Passes 8 Runners in the Last 200 Meters!! 
Eventual Winner Chris Wrenn Rounds the Turn Before the 2 Mile Mark 
Boys Team Poses for a Picture After Their Win!
TVL Runners of the Meet: Chris Wrenn & Sarah Edwards of Bellingham 
The Norton girls 

                                   Team Scores                                    
Rank Team                      Total    1    2    3    4    5   *6   *7   *8   *9 
   1 Hopkinton                    33    4    5    6    8   10   14   32           
      Total Time:  1:43:07.70                                                     
         Average:    20:37.54                                                     
   2 Westwood                     58    2   12   13   15   16   20   21           
      Total Time:  1:44:05.70                                                     
         Average:    20:49.14                                                     
   3 Medfield                     87    7    9   19   24   28   30   45           
      Total Time:  1:46:38.80                                                     
         Average:    21:19.76                                                     
   4 Norton                       97    3   11   18   22   43   58   65           
      Total Time:  1:46:56.50                                                     
         Average:    21:23.30                                                     
   5 Dover Sherborn              142   17   26   27   31   41   44   46           
      Total Time:  1:49:58.81                                                     
         Average:    21:59.76                                                     
   6 Holliston HS                148   23   25   29   33   38   39   40           
      Total Time:  1:50:35.30                                                     
         Average:    22:07.06                                                     
   7 Millis                      211   34   35   42   47   53   56   66           
      Total Time:  1:54:24.30                                                     
         Average:    22:52.86                                                     
   8 Bellingham HS               231    1   49   57   60   64   67                
      Total Time:  1:56:51.20                                                     
         Average:    23:22.24                                                     
   9 Medway                      238   37   48   50   51   52   54   62           
      Total Time:  1:56:19.60                                                     
         Average:    23:15.92                                                     
  10 Ashland HS                  274   36   55   59   61   63   68   69           
      Total Time:  2:00:43.00                                                     
         Average:    24:08.60     

For full results and JV PLACEMENTS visit:

Both Evan Garrone and Renee Sanford were nominated for the Inspirational Award!  Congrats to both of them.  Evan Garrone ended up winning the award so kudos to him!! 
Evan Garrone wins the Inspirational Award!

On the girls side, they had their best finish in TVL Conference Meet History.  It capped off 
their best duel meet record ever as well (6-0).  Lead by sophomore phenom Katie Bradley, 
the Lady Lancers placed 4th overall.  Katie placed 3rd overall, Kambrynn Bowman placed 
11th, Senior Captain Anya DiLorenzo placed 18th overall, Senior Captain Caroline Weber 
placed 22nd overall, and junior Sarah Anderson placed 43rd overall. Also competing on 
varsity were Calie Shea and Meg Nichols. 
Norton Lady Lancers Sporting Their Breast Cancer Awareness Singlets at the TVL Championships 
Norton's next meet will be the MSTCA State Coaches Meet next Saturday starting at 
12:00 Noon!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Lancers Get Big Personal Records at MSTCA Twilight Meet!

Both the Norton girls and the Norton boys had terrific showings at the MSTCA Twilight Meet Invitational this past Saturday.  Almost the entire team achieved personal records on the day and both teams placed well.  For the boys, Chris Wrenn, once again, broke the school record and achieved the fastest per-mile-pace by any athlete ever to come through Norton High School.  The boys placed 7th overall as a team, while the girls placed 8th.  

Full Norton results are below: 

Boys Varsity 5K Results: 
7    Wrenn, Chris           16:22.92          
9    Annand, Joseph      16:25.54     
72  Carroll, Austin         17:40.12      
79  Cleathero, Parker    17:48.33   
128  LeClair, Thomas   18:25.07  
158  Alves, Chris            18:51.92  
194  Domagalski, Alex  19:22.84  

Girls Varsity 5K Results: 
18 Bradley, Katie             19:25.75       
28 Bowman, Kambrynn 19:57.81       
39 DiLorenzo, Anya        20:18.82   
73 Anderson, Sarah         21:22.88   
118 Weber, Caroline        22:18.83  
152 Renee, Sanford         23:16.06  
Girls Junior-Varsity 5K Results: 
70   Wheeler, Rachel        24:48.66         
81   Peers, Caroline           25:13.10         
106  Weber, Karoline       26:19.92

Boys Junior-Varsity 5K Results: 
41 Tatarczuk, Chris          19:45.93         
43 Cronin, Francis           19:47.71        
49  Joyce, Nicholas          19:57.97        
107 Gill, Ryan                    21:41.25 

Girls 10th Grade 5K Results: 
82  Shea, Calie                  22:31.00          
98  O'Brien, Abby             23:00.33        
105  Nichols, Megan         23:08.58 
Boys 10th Grade 5K Results: 
188 Wisnaskas, Alex        20:57.45         
203 Wheeler, Ryan          21:31.63         
213  Smith, Sean               21:50.86        
235  Dennehy, Chris        24:15.38 

Boys 9th Grade 2.1 Results:
102 Nihill, Donovan          12:30.65 
131  LaFrancois, Ryan       12:56.55           
133  Steele, Zachary           12:57.49        
140  Wilson, James            13:04.64
222  Anderson, Matt          13:59.27         
240  Morrison, John          14:26.15  

Norton next competes at the Tri-Valley League Championship this Wednesday at McCarthy Park in Medfield!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Both Teams Go Undefeated in Regular Tri-Valley League Season, Girls for the First Time Ever!

     A big congrats to both the Norton girls and the Norton boys who both finished the regular season undefeated at 6-0 in the TVL with double wins over Millis!  This was the first time in school history the girls went undefeated and in doing so, they achieved their best record they ever have.  The girls won the meet over a tough Millis team 19-36 while the boys won 15-50.  Both teams are looking forward to a great postseason, however before doing so they get to have some fun at the MSTCA Twilight Meet in Falmouth a week from Saturday (10/24)!

Boys Teams Celebrate Their Undefeated Regular Seasons on the Bus Home
Varsity results versus Millis: 

1.) Katie Bradley 
2.) Anya DiLorenzo 
3.) Kambrynn Bowman 
6.) Caroline Weber 
7.) Sarah Anderson 
11.) Calie Shea 
12.) Renee Sanford 

1.) Chris Wrenn 
2.) Joey Annand 
3.) Austin Carroll 
4.) Parker Cleathero 
5.) Thomas LeClaire 
7.) Chris Alves 
8.) Alex Domagalski 
The Start of the Beautiful Mills Course at Oak Grove
Again, Norton XC heads to Falmouth on Saturday, October 24th for the highly anticipated annual MSTCA TWILIGHT MEET

Thursday, October 8, 2015

On Senior Day, Senior Captains Anya DiLorenzo and Chris Wrenn Shine with Double Wins Over Ashland!

     Senior Captains Anya DiLorenzo and Chris Wrenn won the girls and boys races as the Lancers won their final meet at home on senior day.  The girls won 17-45 and the boys won 17-42.  Chris Wrenn set a new course record on the Norton 3.1 mile course breaking the  17;00 barrier with a 16:58 (5:28 per-mile pace).  Anya DiLorenzo won her first race of the year as she lead the Lady Lancers to a convincing victory.

     The Lady Lancers also brought out their pink jerseys to raise awareness for breast cancer during the month of October.

     Pictured above are the senior girls on senior day. From left to right: Caroline Weber, Rachel Wheeler, Caroline Peers, and race winner Anya DiLorenzo.

Varsity Girls Placements: 
1.) Anya DiLorenzo 
2.) Katie Bradley 
3.) Kambrynn Bowman 
5.) Caroline Weber 
6.) Sarah Anderson 
7.) Calie Shea 
9.) Meg Nichols 

Varsity Boys Placements: 
1.) Chris Wrenn 
2.) Joey Annand 
3.) Austin Carroll 
5.) Parker Cleathero 
6.) Thomas LeClaire 
9.) Chris Alves 
10.) Alex Domogalski 

Both Norton teams look to keep their undefeated regular season going in their last duel meet of the season next Wednesday against the MILLIS MOHAWKS at Oak Grove Farm in Millis at 3:30!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Norton Girls and Boys Stay Undefeated on the Season at 4-0; Girls Win 21-26 and Boys Win 19-37!

     Congrats to the Norton girls and boys teams who won their 4th straight meet of the season against the Bellingham Blackhawks and who both move to 4-0.  The girls won 21-36 while the boys won 19-37.

    Behind the TVL's best female runner Sarah Edwards from Bellingham, Norton's strong pack up front went 2-3-4-5-7 for the win.  Katie Bradley continued to lead the way for Norton in front of teammates Kambrynn Bowman, Anya DiLorenzo, Caroline Weber and Sarah Anderson.  Rounding out the top 7 for the the Lady Lancers was Megan Nicols and Calie Shea.
     The top two Norton boys, Joey Annand and Chris Wrenn ran about 150 yards the wrong way in the middle of the 2.89 mile course and had to work their way back to their previously held first and second places.  It was a test or heart for these two veteran runners,  however, they fought back and Joey Annand placed first for the first time this season and Chris Wrenn placed second. Freshman Austin Carroll is making huge strides this season and placed 3rd overall for the Lancer boys.  Senior Captain Parker Cleathero placed 6th, while Thomas LeClair placed 7th.  Senior Captain Chris Alves grabbed a displacement point with his 10th place finish and rounding out the varsity boys was Chris Tatarczuk with a new PR pace.

Both teams have a quick turnaround this week as they take on the Ashland Clockers this Wednesday for senior day in their final home meet of the season.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Norton Shines at MSTCA Frank Kelley Invite Meet: 9 Medals and 27/30 Personal Records!

Norton's Medal Winners 
The Norton girls and boys teams shined today at the MSTCA  Frank Kelley Invite. The varsity girls placed 5th as a team while the boys placed 7th.  The Lancers brought home 9 medals while 27 of the 30 athletes who attended the meet achieved personal records.  Senior captain Chris Wrenn (16:38) and junior Joey Annand (16:46) broke the Norton cross country school records in the 5K. Wrenn broke Billy Sullivan's record from 2014 by 8 seconds of 16:46.4 with a 16:38.

Senior Captain Chris Wrenn Breaks the School Record 
It was, without a doubt, the best day Norton Cross Country has ever had!  27 athletes on the team achieved personal records.  Below are those athletes:

JV Boys Race-5K
Nick Joyce - 56th - 20:29*PR 
Francis Cronin - 78th - 20:59*PR
Chris Tatarczuk - 91st - 21:20*PR 
Ryan Gill -102nd - 21:31*PR
Evan Garrone - 133rd - 22:20*PR 
Ryan Wheeler - 140th - 22:26*PR
Alex Wisnaskas - 142nd - 22:27*PR

JV Girls Race-5K  
Meg Nichols - 13th - 23:04*PR 
Calie Shea - 22nd - 23:40*PR
Renee Sanford - 25th - 23:45*PR
Abbey O’Brien - 28th - 24:14*PR
Rachel Wheeler - 26:02*PR 

Frosh Boys Race 3K
DJ Nihill - 13th - 11:27*PR 
Matthew Pepin - 34th - 11:54*PR 
Ryan LaFrancois - 45th - 12:10*PR
James Wilson - 46th - 12:25*PR 
Matt Anderson - 93rd - 13:46*PR
John Morrison - 110th - 14:17*PR     

Varsity Boys Race-5K
Chris Wrenn - 3rd - 16:38*PR & NEW SCHOOL RECORD 
Joey Annand - 6th - 16:46*PR
Austin Carroll - 71st - 18:19*PR
Parker Cleathero - 81st - 18:38 
Tom LeClaire - 82nd - 18:19*PR
Chris Alves - 127th - 19:41*PR 
Alex Domagalski - 137th - 20:04

Varsity Girls Race-5K
Katie Bradley - 9th - 20:08*PR
Kambrynn Bowman - 12th - 20:21*PR
Anya DiLorenzo - 24th - 21:07*PR
Caroline Weber - 43rd - 21:43*PR
Sarah Anderson - 60th - 22:17*PR 

For FULL RESULTS, visit: 

A Great Team Shot! 
Norton returns to duel meet league competition against the Bellingham Blackhawks at Bellingham High School on Wednesday, September 30th.